Take better care of yourself ✨

Natrella encourages you to practise self care through moments and activities that make all the difference to your well-being.

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How can you take better care of yourself?

Activities & Moments 🔆

Taking care of yourself is not easy so recognize and be proud of the effort you take on a regular basis 💧🧘‍♀️💤🏃🍷🚴‍♀️

Gentle Nudges 🔔

Connect with yourself by taking time to pause ⏸, practise affirmations 🌈 and check-in ✅ with yourself.

🙈 Sneak-a-Peek

How does the app work?


Question: How are you taking care of yourself today?


Respond with your recent activities and moments of self care and give them a beautiful space to live in.
For example, Quiet Time 🤫 Meditation 🧘


Watch your nature-inspired visual space light up with your moments and come to life! Savanna 🌳🐘 Aqua 🌊🐠

🔔 Gentle Nudges

Be encouraged to take care of yourself in different ways with the help of our gentle nudges. Coming soon to the app!

Life gets better with
self care moments! 😎

Start taking better care of yourself now! Our app will be available on mobile devices!

🖼 Self Care Illustrations

Our self care illustrations act as visual reminders which are designed to help you keep you stay focused on your well-being.
You can have them customized to suit your personal self care activities and inspiration.
Request a Personal Illustration
Check out some of the self care illustrations below.

  • Personal Self Care Tree

    Night Mode
  • You Are Amazing (Night) Natrella Wallpaper

    You Are Amazing

    Night Mode
  • Take Care of You Natrella Wallpaper

    Take Care of Yourself

    Day Mode

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