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Self-Care Activities

Use Natrella to improve your mental health through various activities!

Journal your thoughts, celebrate your wins, save your affirmations, moments of gratitude, send thank-you cards & enjoy looking back over time!



Create & save your affirmations! Express your self-love and boost your confidence.


Be Grateful

What are you grateful for? Find joy and positivity as you practise gratitude more often!


Say Thank-You

Let your people know that you appreciate them by sending thoughtful thank-you cards to them!


Reflect & Journal

Write down how you feel about your life and get in touch with your thoughts!


Celebrate Wins

Big or small - take a moment to be proud of your accomplishments!


Set Intentions

Become more purposeful about your life!

Simple & Fun to Use!

Select an activity, express yourself, and be proud of your efforts!

You can also download and share your moments with others if you would like to.


Encrypted Moments

Rest assured that your moments are safe, private and visible to only you!

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Life Gets Better with Self-Care!

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